A cyber security strategy and roadmap tailored to your business

Learn the areas to focus on, expected timeframes, the activities, and people required to mature your cyber security.

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Good cyber defence begins with good strategy. And good strategy begins with genuine understanding. Not just understanding the foundations of good cyber defence but understanding how your organisation operates as a whole. After all, cyber runs across all parts of a business. So, without an intimate understanding of how your organisation operates, good cyber strategy simply isn’t possible.

This is the key to effective cyber security: taking the time to understand all the intricacies of your organisation. How your products, people, processes etc work independently and together to create a completely unique business ecosystem. 

This is our expertise: we consider your situation and learn your business more than most. Our Cyber Security Specialists really get to understand your organisation as a whole when they do their reviews and develop your strategy. We consider your people as individuals and the unique ways they work, your specific systems and documentation, your in-house skills gaps etc. 

The result is you get a cyber security strategy as practical as it is protective. Something built to protect ‘you’, not a similar business down the road. 


The Strategic Initiatives Roadmap is guidance on what we see as priority. The road map has strategic initiatives, and these initiatives may have many sub tasks that can be run in parallel. 

Consider it a bird’s eye view of the activities required to uplift your cyber security, incorporating everything: the areas you need to focus on, types of activities required, people involved, expected time frames etc to guide you through the process of maturing your cyber security. 

Ready to mature your cyber security?

Mature your cyber security

Genuinely uplift your cyber security by having a strategy tailored to your business, not a close-to template.  

Know the gaps to close

Learn the biggest gaps in your organisation’s cyber security and the actions to take to close them. 

Forecast time, resources and security spend

Gain an understanding of the timeframes, resources and costs involved to achieve your cyber security target. 

"The biggest benefit to working with MyEmpire Group is having access to cyber expertise on an as-needed basis. We're able to access skills and knowledge across a broad range of [cyber security] areas, and without having to hire in-house."
Jenelle Schultz
Chief Operating Officer, Business Fitness

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