vCISOs for SMEs

Get a [virtual] Cyber Security Specialist dedicated to your business

Our vCISOs are senior [virtual] Chief Information Security OfficersCyber Security Specialistswho provide high-level strategy and guidance to Australian organisations serious about maturing their cyber security. 

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Combining their deep understanding of the cyber space with an intimate understanding of your organisation, our vCISOs can lead the way in uplifting your security swiftly and reliably.

Be proactive, not reactive 

A vCISO plants a strategic, security-minded person in your business whose role is to think several moves ahead when it comes to cyber security. This places your business on the front foot of security, greatly reducing the chances of being caught off guard.

Strategy tailored to you

Our vCISOs are dedicated to building the most practical security strategy for your business. Through routine engagements, our experts become intimately aware of your organisation’s unique operations, systems, people etc., as well as your security weaknesses and gaps. The result is you get a strategy and roadmap tailored to your nuanced ways of working. So not just a strategy that looks good on paper, but something practical—useable for your people—as well as protective.

Leadership and guidance 

Our vCISOs are wellversed in having conversations with managers and business leaders on what to do with their cyber security. So, thinking and presenting at a high-level. They answer questions like ‘where are we at with cyber security’, ‘where should we be at with cyber security’, ‘how do we get where we want to go’. Our experts are equipped to present to leaders, even Boards, to keep everyone informed and invested in the direction. 

Ready to mature your cyber security?

Our vCISOs help with...

Communicating with vendors

Handling communication with IT providers and other vendors related to your business’ cyber security.

Board / leadership presentations

Present to Boards, managers etc on high-level cyber security, e.g. what needs doing and when, projections, roadmaps etc.

Employee training

Training programs and systems to train employees, managers etc on security protocols.

Writing security policy

Lead the way in writing up all your cyber security policies and integrating these into your business. As well as defining the policies and guiding the way through developing and writing up these policies, our vCISOs can help with documentation, developing new systems and employee training related to the new policies.  



"The biggest benefit to working with MyEmpire Group is having access to cyber expertise on an as-needed basis. We're able to access skills and knowledge across a broad range of [cyber security] areas, and without having to hire in-house."
Jenelle Schultz
Chief Operating Officer, Business Fitness

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