Security tools are critical to provide a layered defence to cyber-attacks. MyEmpire
works with many of the world’s leading brands providing licensing, implementation,
and management support for technical solutions to a range of modern threats.

Security tools are critical to provide a layered defence to cyber-attacks. MyEmpire works with many of the world’s leading brands providing licensing, implementation, and management support for technical solutions to a range of modern threats.

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Endpoint Security

Laptops, workstations, end user compute, all have one thing in common. The interaction with people. Therefore, these devices are seen as valuable targets for attackers and the threat to these is high. Wherever the human element exists, transparent security should be considered, ensuring strong protective controls are in place while minimising the impact to usability.

As such, MyEmpire has partnered with CrowdStrike for endpoint security and the variety of security capabilities (threat detection, cloud posture checks, adversary intelligence, vulnerability scanning) that come with Falcon. To support extracting the most out of CrowdStrike, our services include:

  • Support deployment of solutions
  • Configure, updated, and implement Falcon security features
  • Knowledge transfer of the use of the platform.

By leveraging CrowdStrike Falcon, MyEmpire can continue to support its client’s security needs by extending Falcon across cloud compute, identity protection, threat intelligence, and operations.

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With the increase of remote working and the extended office perimeter, a control gap has been created. Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) aims to close that control gap by providing security controls to the internet traffic that either leaves or is received by a user’s computer. This concept essentially replaces the traditional network firewall from on-premises corporate networks.

SASE encompasses a variety of technology components, such as:

  • Secure Web Gateway
  • Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Zero Trust Network Access
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • SD-WAN, plus many more.

MyEmpire partners with Cato Networks and Palo Alto Networks to provide holistic single plane visibility across the SASE landscape while streamlining policy rollout and enforcement regardless of location but controlled and customised through a users identity.

Our Services include:

  • Plan and assessment of SASE modules to support business need
  • Deploy of SASE modules
  • Configure and update module setting
  • Transfer knowledge to facilitate day to day management.
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Application Control

Application control is now a key control to support the protection of corporate computers aiming to reduce the likelihood of device compromise by malicious code. Due to the many avenues malicious code could end up on a computer, it is important that only trusted applications and processes are allowed to run. Application control solutions are proving to be an effective method to reduce the impact of malicious code, and can be tailored to suit the many different complex environments organisations utilise today.

MyEmpire partners with Airlock Digital as the premium vendor for effective and efficient application control management. Airlock Digital ensures a streamlined implementation process through its unique security assessment of identified applications and processes running within the environment.

Our services include:

  • Support the setup of the management console, including defining the application control permission hierarchy
  • Support with the deployment of the Airlock Digital agent
  • Review and assessment of identified running applications and processes
  • Knowledge transfer to onboard new applications into the environment and manage any changes to currently approved applications.
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GRC Management

Using the right tools for managing risk registers, asset registers and maintaining compliance across frameworks reduces the workload and improves audit outcomes. But it also simplifies the engagement for the broader team who have responsibilities for maintaining security controls effectiveness.

MyEmpire partners with OneTrust and Tugboat Logic, to offer multiple options for the effective management of governance, risk and compliance programs.

Our services include:

  • Provision and Deployment of Solutions
  • Managed Services to Oversee Management of the GRC Program
  • Platform Health Checks and Audit Support.
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Password Management

With potentially hundreds of passwords, we individually need to manage for our personal and professional lives, it is easy to make the mistake of recycling, or reverting to simple passwords. In both cases, we are exposing ourselves and our organisations to unwanted exposure.

Effective management of passwords ensures we reduce the risks and simplify access to the systems and services we use daily, monthly or infrequently. MyEmpire partners with Keeper Security to provide clients with a market leading password vault solution that covers personal and business usage securely.

Keeper Security provides features including:

  • Modern Encryption • Easy Deployment
  • Single Sign On Integration
  • Secure Password Sharing
  • Browser Plugins (including auto-launch of apps)
  • Credential Breach and Vulnerability Monitoring.

MyEmpire can support your deployment of effective password management solutions including:

  • Policy Design and Development
  • Provision and Deployment of Solutions
  • User Training.
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Security Awareness

More than ever, employees are the weak link in your organisation’s network security. They are frequently exposed to sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks. Employees need training and confidence to remain alert to the threats.

MyEmpire partners with Knowbe4 – global leaders in security awareness training – to keep your users on their toes with security being front of mind. Knowbe4’s new-school integrated platform can train and phish your users, and you can watch as their Phish-prone percentageTM improves over time.

Knowbe4 provides features including:

  • Baseline Testing
  • Automated Phishing Testing
  • Customisable Awareness Training Programs
  • Extensive Reporting.

MyEmpire can design and deliver a comprehensive security awareness training program for your organisation including:

  • Board, executive, and team awareness presentations
  • Provision and deployment of Knowbe4 awareness training solutions and content
  • Managed security awareness and testing programs.
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Security Operations

Visibility is crucial to effective security management and timely decision making. Being able to implement security operations where the organisation can collect appropriate intelligence of its ecosystem to support this is important.

MyEmpire partners with Rapid7 to deliver industry leading security operations technologies to enhance an organisation security detection and response capabilities.

Rapid7 provides a variety of key security services to provide security visibility including:

  • Managed Security Operations Centre
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Security Orchestration And Automation Response.
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