Privacy Impact Assessments

We conduct privacy impact assessments (PIA) for business projects, initiatives, or software, that involve handling personal information.

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What is a Privacy Impact Assessment?

A privacy impact assessment (PIA) aims to identify impacts on the privacy of individuals that may occur from the implementation of a new project, software, initiative etc. Any project involving the collection, use or disclosure of personal information should undertake a PIA. 

A privacy impact assessment is conducted in the project planning stage to help guide the direction and execution of the project. A PIA should be completed prior to most other project tasks commencing because the findings of the assessment should be fed back into the design process. No data should be handled until the privacy impact assessment is completed.

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How we help with privacy impact assessments

A more thorough, unbiased investigation

As a third party organisation, we provide unbiased assessments. Plus, our privacy experts, having completed countless PIAs, offer unmatched thoroughness and attention to detail in the delivery of privacy impact assessments.

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Stay compliant with Australia's Privacy Act

Privacy impact assessments are a good way to ensure your organisation’s processes related to data handling are compliant with the Australian Privacy Act. 

Identify risks before they materialise

Privacy impact assessments help point out privacy risks to your organisation before they eventuate. 

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When to consider a privacy impact assessment


Starting a project that involves handling data

Implementing third-party software that involves data handling.

Collecting new categories of customer data

Implementing a new loyalty program