Mature your cyber security and be privacy compliant

We help businesses uplift their cyber security with Australia's Privacy Act front of mind.

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Let us help mature your cyber security while ensuring you meet your privacy responsibilities.

We have cyber security specialists on our team who are experts on Australia's Privacy Act and the responsibilities of organisations to meet privacy compliance.

Meet privacy compliance standards

Privacy is embedded in every cyber security uplift we take with an organisation. Our privacy experts double check every action we consider when implementing “cyber security” meets Australian privacy requirements.

Mitigate the chances of a privacy breach

As cyber security experts, our ultimate goal is to help you mitigate the chances of a successful cyber attack against your organisation. And, in the worst scenario, reduce the damage done if an attack is successful.

Improve your operational management of privacy

As well as helping with documentation, e.g. updating your privacy policy, contracts etc to ensure privacy compliance, we can help guide your operational strategy to improve your focus on privacy protection. For instance, structure operational processes to better consider privacy, educate staff on their responsibilities, implement routine checks etc.

Avoid reputational impacts of a cyber breach

Maturing your cyber security, not only helps protect data and privacy, but also the greater reputation of your organisation. After all, it only takes one significant cyber attack to cripple the reputation of a business.

Protect your IP

Improving your cyber security with privacy in mind also helps safeguard your own company’s privacy; your trade secrets. We can help with not only improving how you collect and store data to better protect it, but also train your team to ensure everyone in your organisation knows what’s required of them to protect company IP.

"The biggest benefit to working with MyEmpire Group is having access to cyber expertise on an as-needed basis. We're able to access skills and knowledge across a broad range of [cyber security] areas, and without having to hire in-house."
Jenelle Schultz
Chief Operating Officer, Business Fitness

Mature your cyber security and the way your organisation manages privacy

We can help...

  • Review your privacy processes, policies and notices
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Conduct Privacy Impact Assessments (AU)
  • Create/review a clearly expressed Privacy Policy (external legal advice is needed to assist with this)
  • Implement risk management processes to identify, assess and manage privacy risks across your organisation
  • Develop and maintain processes for handling PI (personal information) across its lifecycle
  • Set up processes for receiving and responding to privacy enquiries and complaints
  • Establish processes to allow individuals to quickly and easily access and correct their personal information
  • Create a Data Breach Response Plan
  • Document compliance with privacy obligations, including privacy process reviews, breaches and complaints
  • Create channels for staff and customers to provide feedback on privacy processes
  • Stay on top of developments in privacy law
  • Monitor and address new security risks and threats 
  • Train staff on privacy obligations
  • Integrate privacy training into inductions
  • Guide a privacy-wise company culture.

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